About Us


Agaro Coffee is a family owned and operated coffee roasting company out of Ethiopia. We believe in creating win-win relationships from farm to cup by offering premium coffee at great value. 

Our philosophy

We believe each coffee growing region offers its own distinct flavors and characteristics, and our passion is to bring out these unique natural flavors in carefully crafted roasting process to our customers. We continuously test and taste each roasting profile we create to bring you the highest quality freshly roasted special coffee.


As it is in our interest that you enjoy our coffee, it is also in our interest to make a difference in our local and regional communities in Ethiopia, after all that is where we started. We strive to create long-term relationships for mutual progress with our coffee farmers, and to make environmental impact that is suitable for long-term human progress without losing focus in our passion serving great coffee. 

Meet the Roaster

Tigist Getachew practiced nursing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for about a decade before transitioning into the family coffee business. She quickly picked up the foundational concept as well as the implementation, and moved up as a head roaster with in 6 months. 

About the founder

Agaro Coffee is founded by Kib Getachew, who grew up steeped in coffee culture in the city of Harar, Ethiopia, and moved to The United States in his early 20s. After working for two brokerage firms for about 13yrs, Kib has transitioned to his true passion--coffee. Tigist Getachew, a former nurse and a younger sister to Kib joined with in a year of the business being formed, and now serves as the Master Roaster, with other members of the family joining around the same time making it to a family operated and owned. 

You can reach out to Kib by emailing Kib@agarocoffee.com

Our Addis Ababa office locations: 

Akaki-Kality, Wareda 7, # 112 Shuger building, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.